Purchase Consultation

If you are considering purchasing a Tiffany Studios lamp at auction, or building a collection, I may be able to assist you. However, I have very narrow guidelines for consultations.

Rare Tiffany Studios Allamanda hanger

First of all, I am a restorer and revealing any of my restorations to anyone other than the initial client is a conflict of interest. For example, if I repaired a lamp for you and then you decided to sell it a couple of years later, you wouldn't be happy, if I were to reveal to my new client, that I had previously restored the lamp.

There is only one way I will advise a client and that is through public auction. For a fixed fee plus expenses, I will preview an auction with you and advise you on whether a particular Tiffany item is suitable for you to bid on or not, as well as the price it might fetch. I don’t authenticate. I evaluate based on my opinion and 35 years of hands on experience. Please contact me for fee structure and any questions I may help you with.