Making Tiffany Glass

My glass crew at Lins Glass Foundry

Although this looks like fun, making glass is a lot of hard work. Here is a picture of my crew at the famous Lins glass foundry in the early 1980’s. We are ladling three separate glass batches to come together on the rolling table.

Making high coefficient opalescent glass mixes entails many facets. It’s not only glass chemistry, but it also requires knowledge of physics and thermal history to produce the desired outcome. Even then anomalies occur which can result in either very good or very poor glass. At this point I will save this seminar for the book. As I stated earlier, the most important part of any restoration is the glass. I don’t know how any glass studio can go to the rack of a commercial glass foundry and find what you need to correctly restore an original Tiffany Studios lamp or window. I know this because I have had to re-restore many lamps which have had poor attempts at glass selection or shoddy technique. Simply put, get it done right the first time!

Sheet glass demonstration for seminar students

Single roll, hand cast opalescent sheet