Hand Crafted Traditionally-Styled Decorative Arts

Nasturtium Pattern Lamp
Nasturtium Pattern Lamp Shade
Window Detail
Stained Glass Window Detail

We are a full service design studio that creates high quality hand crafted windows, lamps, bronzes and other specialty items. We also have a full restoration studio that restores original Tiffany lamps, windows and patinas.

In the Style of Tiffany - Zodiac Table Lamp
Zodiac Table Lamp
In the Style of Tiffany - Peony Table Lamp
Peony Table Lamp

We have found that just as in Louis Comfort Tiffany’s time there are many people who love great glass, but simply can’t afford to own original pieces. As well, they are knowledgeable enough to know that the imported lamps available at your local home improvement store are just plain ridiculous!

In the Style of Tiffany - Oak Leaf and Acorn Table Lamp
Oak Leaf and Acorn Lamp
In the Style of Tiffany - Acorn Table Lamp
Acorn Lamp

In our endeavors, we believe that not only are you buying a beautiful work of art, but that it is a highly desired collectable that will only increase in value over time. Great American craftsmanship is disappearing and as labor costs go up and as senior craftsmen with the knowlege and experience pass on, you will see less and less of high quality artwork. This is not just my opinion but also the opinion of many of my forward thinking clients.

Pond Lily Lamp Illuminated

Pond Lily Lamp

We would like to thank you for your years of continuous business. However, due to the fact that the highest caliber and painstaking measures are taken to make the highest quality of 20th Century decorative arts and Tiffany-style leaded lamp reproductions, we need for you to realize that they are just that; reproductions. In no way do we misrepresent reproductions. As well, we hope that any original artworks from this studio are represented as such. We would also like you to know that any original items, such as original Tiffany Studios, will be accompanied by a dated and signed receipt stating its authenticity. As always, our restoration agreements and clients will remain strictly confidential.

We thank you again for your patronage.

In the Style of Tiffany - Water Lily Table Lamp
Water Lily Table Lamp
In the Style of Tiffany - Water Lily Table Lamp
In the Style of Tiffany - Daffodil Table Lamp<>
16” Daffodil Lamp Shade

Greek Urn Base

I can make lamp shades and window in virtually any size or design that you wish. I can also provide appropriate table or floor lamp bases and hardware for my shades. I offer both high quality contemporary bronze and ceramic bases in various styles.

Dragonfly Disk

Double Pine Needle Picture Frame

Architectural Projects available upon request in
collaboration with another associated studio.

Sulfur-crested Cockatoo Window

Use of Drapery Glass

Quarter-sawn Oak Frame with Ebony Accents

Transom Window

20" Trumpet Vine, My Original Design